What would you like to know?

 Hi!  I'm Cindy- the mind and creative marvel behind Stones + Paper

If you spent a second on my home page you would have seen that I am obsessed with seed beads.  I love the way they look.  I love the way they feel between my fingers as I am stringing them.  I have been working with them for as long as I could grasp a crayon.

Most of the seed beads I use are made in Japan and the Czech republic.  I also like to shop around for unique seed beads I can pepper my designs with.  Beading is a daily craving I continually give into. 

I also love hand made paper goods, graphic arts and home decor.  I spend a great deal of time traveling down those avenues.  I feel a special type of nostalgia related to sending cards and letter to people.  It really shouldn't be a dying art and I am here to do my part keeping this form of "hello" alive and kicking.  Who does not enjoy getting happy mail?  Its such an easy and affordable way to reach out!

I reside in the Pacific Northwest.  The Seattle area.  On the "other" side of the water.  In the beautiful waterside town of Poulsbo.  I have the beach and the forest in one town.  When the clouds clear, I even have a clear shot of Mount Ranier.   

The inspiration for my designs are right outside my windows.




 This is me with my favorite fruit- the magnificent peach.  I'm a California girl in a Washington world.  I live for summer and peach season.  

Peach, love and light to each and every one of you! ❤️